It's pretty hard to write up [mp3com-artist]Brass Bed[/mp3com-artist]'s "A Bullet for You" without typing "[mp3com-artist]Wilco[/mp3com-artist]," and that's a good thing but just a starting point. "A Bullet for You" is both smooth and jagged, employing all the space and options analogue has to offer as the track inches towards but hedges against dissonance. The song treads to the edge of chaos, swirling in the eddies and currents, while keeping one foot firmly planted on terra firma, but beyond all the unnecessary, music critic wank-off words, "A Bullet for You" rocks. Hard. Brass Bed is releasing "A Bullet for You" on 7" with two other tracks on September 18th, but you can download it for free below.  The guys plan to release the LP The Secret Will Keep You in 2013. [mp3com-download url="brassbed-abulletforyou.mp3" artist="Brass Bed" song="A Bullet For You" email="none" year="2012" label="Crossbill Records"/]

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