If you sang on a Grammy nominated duet that reached number two in the country charts and was written by Shel Silverstein when you were only 6 years-old, the next 20 to 30 years of your life could be pretty anticlimactic. In fact, simply avoiding a life of disaster is an accomplishment in itself. (To my knowledge, Bobby Bare Jr. has never knocked over a 7-11, shaved his head and fought a car with an umbrella, or twitpic’d a topless cell phone picture of himself). Instead, [lastfm]Bobby Bare Jr.[/lastfm] has built a solid career out of writing songs full of the kind wit and poetic lyrics you would expect from someone who had a lifelong friendship with Shel Silverstein. On top of that, it certainly doesn’t hurt when the guys from [lastfm]My Morning Jacket[/lastfm] volunteer to be the backing band on your latest album, which alternates from sad country songs lamenting a court date in Chattanooga to supposition that Opie Taylor was in fact Liz Taylor’s son, set to an automated beat. “Sad Smile” is the lead single off Bobby’s album A Storm-A Tree-My Mother’s Head and you can grab it for free below. Oh, and the ba-da-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-da-ba’s that kick in at 2:22 on this track are probably the craziest subtly that you’ll hear in a song this month. [audio url="http://cbsradio.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/02sadsmile.mp3" artist="Bobby Bare Jr." name="Sad Smile" podtrac="true" config_file="config.xml"] Down arrow to download then in your browser’s Tools > Page Info > Media > Save As For reference, here’s [lastfm]Bobby Bare[/lastfm] and Bobby Bare Jr. singing “Daddy What If” in 1974. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmkNBYiUXg8] Now here’s Bobby Jr. singing the song with his son Beckham this summer for the [lastfm]Shel Silverstein[/lastfm] tribute album Twistable, Turnable Man. And yes, it is absolutely adorable. [vimeo=http://vimeo.com/12111259] More on Bobby Bare Jr here.

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