Like The Slits or Nico? Then you’ll love the bass-drenched retro sounds of Anika. Discovered by Beak> (Geoff Barrow of Portishead and friends), Anika makes ultraclever kraut-dub that channels no-wave/punk-funk and ’60s girl-pop and pretty much whomever else she feels like.  We have a free MP3 of “I Go To Sleep,” a sweet, moody pop song meant to nurse broken hearts. It’s that good…

Created with the help of Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Beak> , the nine songs included on Anika’s self titled debut run the gamut from experimental rock (“Yang Yang”), to soulful country (“End of the World”), to folk (“Masters of War”), to pop (“I Go To Sleep”).  Sounds like your kind of music?  Thanks to Anika’s label, we have two free songs available for download from her debut record released earlier this week (December 7) on Stones Throw Records. Both tracks (and pretty much the entire album) are slightly dark and utterly delicate.  Nothing wrong with that, right? Dive in because your new favorite singer has arrived!

Free MP3: “I Go To Sleep” :

Here’s an awesome glimpse of Anika rehearsing the reggae infused “No Ones There” from her debut album.

Watch a video of another awesome track called “Yang Yang” below. If you like it, too, we have a free MP3 below under the tracklisting for you.

Another free MP3 below!

Track Listing:

Yang Yang  [Free MP3]
End Of the World
Masters Of War
Officer Officer
Sadness Hides The Sun
No-one’s There
I Go To Sleep
Masters Of War (dub)



Anika – Self Titled (Stones Throw Records)
Release Date: December 7 2010
Artist Website | Label Website

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