Foreign Legion

Hyphy has been snagging most of the Bay Area hip-hop press recently, but anyone who’s dropped by Oakland knows the classic underground rap scene is alive and clicking. On their free mixtape, The Red Eye Flight featuring unreleased tracks from Oh No, Mondo and Ray Buckle Bros., as well as some unheard new cuts off their long awaited album Night Moves (out now!), is also mixed with some old-school-inflected beats and hilarious skits by the Legionnaire’s own DJ/MC Marc Stretch.


1. Burning Bushes feat. Oh No
2. Watch Out
3. Travel Lite
4. This Is My Life
5. Elite
6. Hip-Hop D-List
7. Joes vs. Pros
8. Three
9. Man of the Streets
10. One Shot
11. Welcome to the Barbershop
12. Aces High
13. Best Laid Plans
14. The Crocodile Hunter (Skit)
15. Piano Banger
16. The Ultimate

More on Foreign Legion and their new album here.

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