Playing in the industrial mode of Skinny Puppy, Chicago/NY duo Gatekeeper create dark electronic soul music for beautiful shut-ins. Rent an ’80s horror flick, mute the sound at a chase scene, and blast the Gatekeeper–perfect.

Inspired by “the sounds and visions of forgotten sci-fi film scores, fantasy games and arcade imagery”, the band collaborated with the Thunder Horse production team and released a six-part video series to the Giza EP. While watching these music videos below, I couldn’t help but conjure my own fantasy romps; one dictated by John Carpenter or David Lynch.

Overall, I think any fan of slick 3D graphics, sci-fi geekery and most importantly EBM (electronic body music) will find something cool to talk about via Gatekeeper’s dark orchestrations. This music is alive from start to finish.

Below is a free download of “Serpent,” one of my personal favorite tracks off the EP evoking a rustic memory of a mournful, bygone era, one remembered simply and sadly.

Gatekeeper – “Serpent” [DOWNLOAD]

Check out video to “Serpent”, “Oracle”, “Mirage”, “Giza” (Blade Redux), and finally, “Storm Column”.



Watch more videos here!

1. Chains (3:41)
2. Storm Column (3:31)
3. Serpent (3:25)
4. Giza (3:14)
5. Mirage (3:26)
6. Oracle (2:47)


Gatekeeper – Giza EP (Merok Records)
Release Date: 13th December 2010
Label | Artist Website

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