Looking for holiday gift ideas? Well, nothing says "I love you" like a DIY mixtape-style playlist. From Modern Holiday Songs to Classics Reimagined, in today's Spotlight we bring you the greatest gift of all: a free playlist featuring MP3.com's best holiday music all wrapped together and ready for download! Plus, we also throw in a head-banging rendition of "White Christmas" from a former [mp3com-artist]NIN[/mp3com-artist] member. Can you guess who? His name is Ralf Dietel, ex-NIN guitarist who now records under the name [mp3com-artist]KRASHKARMA[/mp3com-artist] with drummer and vocalist Niki Skistimas. Recently they released a debut record called Straight to the Blood which is packed with stomping beats, shredding guitars and Niki's sinister vocals. Get a peek of their music here, and take home a special holiday treat seasoned just the way [mp3com-artist]Marilyn Manson[/mp3com-artist] would like, dark around the edges. Download below! [caption id="attachment_82481" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="KRASHKARMA"][/caption] [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/krashkarma-nightmare.mp3" artist="KRASHKARMA" song="Nightmare On Christmas" email="optional" year="2011" label="Musebox"/] And...now for the playlist! 1. Celestial Aeon Project: "Desert Village" 2. Antoine Smith: "A Wish Under A Christmas Tree" 3. Lisa Lavie: "Only Heaven Will Know" 4. Tasha Taylor: "Merry Christmas Baby" 5. Casey Shea: "A Very Merry Christmas" 6. Taylor Berrett: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 7. Anders Tengdahl: "Christmas Carol" 8. Jason Morris: "Twangles, The Christmas Squid" 9. Mono:Poly: "Merry Xmas!" 10. The Gothard Sisters: "Carol of the Bells" [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/holidayplaylist2011.mp3" artist="Holiday Playlist 2011" song="Holiday Music" email="optional" year="2011" label="MP3.com "/]

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Track listing: 1. Celestial Aeon Project: "Desert Village" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/56188586/Desert%2BVillage.mp3" artist="Celestial Aeon Project" song="Desert Village" email="optional"/] 2. Antoine Smith: "A Wish Under A Christmas Tree" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/484083429/A%2BWish%2BUnder%2BA%2BChristmas%2BTree.mp3" artist="Antoine Smith" song="A Wish Under A Christmas Tree" email="optional"/] 3. Lisa Lavie: "Only Heaven Will Know" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/198368170/Only%2BHeaven%2BWill%2BKnow.mp3" artist="Lisa Lavie" song="Only Heaven Will Know" email="optional"/] 4. Tasha Taylor: "Merry Christmas Baby" [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/tasha-taylor-merry-christmas.mp3" artist="Tasha Taylor" song="Merry Christmas Baby" expiration="12/31/2011" email="none" year="2011" label="Sing Records"/] 5. Casey Shea: "A Very Merry Christmas" [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/caseyshea.mp3" artist="Casey Shea" song="A Very Merry Christmas" email="optional" year="2011" label="Family Records"/] 6. Taylor Berrett: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/taylorberrett-merrychristmas.mp3" artist="Taylor Berrett" song="Have Yourself A Merry..." email="optional" year="2011" label="SRP"/] 7. Anders Tengdahl: "Christmas Carol" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/104062213/Christmas%2BCarol.mp3" artist="Anders Tengdahl" song="Christmas Carol" email="optional"/] 8. Jason Morris: "Twangles, The Christmas Squid" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/255810682/Twangles%252C%2BThe%2BChristmas%2BSquid.mp3" artist="Jason Morris" song="Twangles, The Christmas Squid" email="optional"/] 9. Mono:Poly: "Merry Xmas!" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/85309860/Merry%2BXmas%2521.mp3" artist="Mono:Poly" song="Merry Xmas!" email="optional"/] 10. The Gothard Sisters: "Carol of the Bells" [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/465343585/Carol%2Bof%2Bthe%2BBells.mp3" artist="The Gothard Sisters" song="Carol of the Bells" email="optional"/] Good thing about holiday tunes is that you can recycle them every year! Merry Christmas everyone. ______________________________________________ Looking for more Christmas songs and holiday music? Dive into these lists for more downloads from the extensive MP3.com catalog! Top downloaded holiday songs Top downloaded Christmas songs Or if you prefer, Xmas songs See all MP3.com Spotlight posts See all Free MP3s of the Day Visit the MP3.com Facebook page

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