This week we're shining The Spotlight on albums coming out this fall that we're excited about. Today we look at Pop acts like Speakers, Joe Jonas and Frankmusik. [mp3com-artist]Speakers[/mp3com-artist] - Bass The LA based duo [mp3com-artist]Speakers [/mp3com-artist]have a sound that's hard to pin down - a unique blend of pop, hip-hop and dance.  Above all else, it's energetic and fun.  Whimsical isn't the right word, but they seem to follow whatever idea inspires them without too much regard for how their music is supposed to be categorized.  With just a few singles to their name thus far, they are looking to take things to the next level with the release of their first full length album. Speakers are comprised of Keon B and Blair Taylor, who met while living in New Orleans. A classic producer/ frontman combo they have an easy chemistry between them. Blair's confident and catchy beats acts as the perfect foil for Keon's charismatic vocals.   While Blair comes from a strong musical pedigree - his father was a famous pianist and producer in New Orleans - and has been working the music industry for a number of years, Keon is more of an outsider.  Born and raised in the tiny town of Waynesboro, GA, Keon's musical ambitions were nurtured by his aunt who encouraged him to sing in the church choir and introduced him to the music of Prince, The Beatles, Missy Elliot and Ashanti.  When she was tragically murdered, Keon promised himself that one day he would make his dream of becoming a musician happen for her. Today, he and Blair are making good on that promise. Check out their bumping new single "Bass," which really lives up to it's name! [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Speakers" song="Bass" expiration="10/31/2013" email="none" year="2011" label="Virgin Records"/] Click through to see our other picks... [mp3com-artist]Joe Jonas[/mp3com-artist] - Fastlife The [mp3com-artist]Jonas Brothers[/mp3com-artist] frontman is set to launch his solo career as a full on pop star. [mp3com-artist]Joe Jonas [/mp3com-artist]may have done away with the guitars and the whole band set up, but on Fastlife Jonas shows that he's still got some impressive songwriting chops, penning over half of the tracks himself. The album also sees him moving away from the clean cut look of his former band towards something a bit more edgy. [mp3com-artist]Frankmusik[/mp3com-artist] - Do It In the AM Self describes as "Blade Runner pop," [mp3com-artist]Frankmusik [/mp3com-artist]brings an experimental edge to the pop game. Hailing from London, he follows int the footsteps of great 80's English synth pop bands like [mp3com-artist]Depeche Mode[/mp3com-artist]. After a successful run with his debut Complete me in the UK, Frankmusik moved to Los Angeles and signed with American label Interscope to try and take his music to a wider audience. Now on the verge of releasing his second album Do It In the AM, [mp3com-artist]Frankmusik [/mp3com-artist]is set to make waves in the US. With his versatile voice and unique style, he could be just what's needed to shake things up. Click HERE for more of our Fall Preview picks