This week we’re shining The Spotlight on albums coming out this fall that we’re excited about.

M83Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

Over the past decade, French synth-rock group M83  has produced some of the most interesting music in the genre.  They gained significant international recognition for their beautiful shoegaze-meets-synthpop opus 2003 Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts and have followed with a string of albums that each pursue a different style of their sound – while each of their songs sounds distinctly “M83” in

Saturdays = Youth, the preceding album to Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, was released in 2008.  At this point, the group now centered around Anthony Gonazolez, one of the remaining two founding members. Saturdays = Youth was a glorious resuscitation of various styles of 80’s pop, featuring songs that managed to sound both classic and new at the same time. As it’s title implies, the album was a  nostalgic trip through a fictional, yet universally relatable, set of musical memories.

Judging by the sound of “Midnight City” Gonzalez looks to be continuing his experiments with 80’s ambiance. A propulsive synth riff moves the track along at a nice clip until it explodes into an over-the-top sax solo.

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JusticeAudio, Video, Disco

In 2007, Justice’s debut album totally upended the electronic genre and spawned a thousand imitators of its distorted disco sound.  After touring extensively in support of the album, Justice retreated to the studio to work on a follow up.  Now, four years later we are on the brink of hearing what they are going to do next.  The video for the lead single, also titled “Audio, Video, Disco”, was recently released a gives a sneak peek into the upcoming album’s purported 70’s rock sound.

Casiokids–  Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

Norweigan electro pop group Casiokids are an energetic bunch that know how to mix emotive songs with beats that get the dancefloor moving.  Their debut album Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar introduced them to American audiences in 2010 and now they are set for a complete takeover with their catchy Scandinavian pop grooves.

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