Considered to be one of his best songs of all time, Eminem's "Lose Yourself" was a pivotal moment in the rapper's career as it told the story of how he grew up and became who he is today. Gearing up to release his ShadyXV album on November 24, there will also be a whopping 66-track mixtape coming out from Em, and it contains the early version of his massive single with entirely different lyrics. Releasing a 30-second long teaser video earlier in the week, Slim revealed that he doesn't even remember recording the demo version of "Lose Yourself." The demo itself has leaked online, and the beat hasn't changed a bit, but the verses are totally different than the final recorded version. We're assuming Eminem tweaked the lyrics to reflect his personal journey in cohorts with the release of his autobiographical film 8 Mile. And no, the demo version has nomention of the infamous line "Mom's spaghetti," which has sprouted dozens of Internet memes. Look out for Eminem's double-disc compilation album, Shady XV, dropping on November 24th.

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