French speaker company Elipson have created some incredibly striking speakers. Instead of the standard box-sitting-on-the-ground design that most speakers follow, The Elipson Sound Tree speakers are 5.5 lb orbs that hang from the ceiling.  The "trees" come in two sizes - small, with six orbs, and large, with 12 orbs.  Each orb is its own functioning speaker with a 4 inch cone driver and tweeter. The "trunk" of sound tree acts as a hub where all of the hanging orbs connect, and also houses an 8 inch subwoofer. The blood red coloring and unique design make the Sound Tree one of the most visually impressive systems around - giving any room it occupies a dramatic, modern Gothic look. The large number of speakers allows the system to really fill the space it occupies with noise, leaving no no dead spots in the room. Overall, at 150 watts, these aren't most powerful speakers on the market, but if you are looking for a design that will turn heads, look no further. Read the full review at CNET

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