You probably remember Jon Walker from his days with Panic! at the Disco or The Young Veins, but even if you don’t, odds are you’re going walk away from this post with a free song you like.

Jon’s “Fairytale” is a heartfelt plea to live life to the fullest and grow beyond your self-constructed restraints. “Fairytale” opens simply enough with Jon singing and strumming, but give it a minute, and the track builds to full chug-a-lug hand clapper and foot stomper.

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You can check out Jon’s DIY video for “Fairytale” below. You’ve gotta respect a guy who puts on his short pants, sets up a tripod in a park, and just plays his song and runs in a couple of circles, and then cuts in a few shots of monkeys and red pandas, and says, “Perfect! That’s just what I wanted.” Perfect, in deed, Jon– that’s just what we wanted too. Nicely done.

Artists: Jon Walker

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