Have you ever met someone and felt that instant connection where deep down something clicks and you know you just get them? In some cases those moments lead to lifelong relationships, but in others external factors get in the way and it doesn't work out. Even if it's just for a brief instant though, those moments of mutual understanding are powerful experiences.  [mp3com-download url="diyakareem.mp3" artist="Diya Kareem" song="Love Space and Time" email="none"/] In "Love, Space and Time" San Francisco R&B artist Diya Kareem muses on just that sort of situation - how sometimes those three variables don't always add up.  "You've got your man, and I/ I've got my girl/ So it's going to take some time" Kareem sings to the girl whose kiss is keeping him up at night. “The song is about two people who were interested in each other but they weren’t able to make it happen for some reason or another,” said Diya. “I like asking questions and putting myself in those type of scenarios when I’m writing my songs.” It's an astute observation on the nature of life beautifully rendered as a sultry R&B jam. What more could you ask for?

Artists: Diya Kareem

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