One product turning a lot of heads at CES this year has been theKube2, a tiny MP3 Player from Singapore. Sold in 7-Eleven stores for just $60, theKube2 has been a huge hit already in Asia.Despite its small size, theKube2 is surprisingly sturdy. Its casing is made of aluminum and can stand up easily to the daily wear and tear of rattling around in your pocket, bag or purse. Its simple design uses the touch-sensitive black side of the cube to allow you to navigate your music with swipe and tap motions.  TheKube2 runs for six hours on a one-hour charge of its lithium-polymer battery, and can store approximately 1,000 songs on its included 4GB microSD card. [caption id="attachment_83289" align="alignright" width="151" caption="(Credit: Bluetree Electronics)"][/caption] TheKube2 may not be able to create playlists, download apps, or take photos, but it does a solid job just playing music. Plus, you can also personalize it with custom skins! At just $60 theKube2 gives you everything you need from an mp3 player without emptying your bank account. To see more on theKube2, check out the in-depth review over at CNET.

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