Ah, music. It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going all year long.  Since our last Spotlight on holiday music we’ve added some new songs to the site, a handful of which our entire staff has highlighted in their “best-of” features. And, to fuel our lists even further, I’ve assembled my own favorite of–what else–free MP3s.

From the dark atmospherics of HTRK to the electronic-pop stylings of Little Dragon, here are my top favorite songs on Mp3.com.

5. HTRK “Synthetik”

The London by way of Berlin and Melbourne art-rock duo (pronounced “Hate Rock”) create  dark electronic soul music for beautiful shut-ins. If you like bands like Suicide or Slowdive, then you’ll be completely enamored by HTRK.

℗ 2011 Ghostly International

4. Little Dragon “Nightlight” (remix)

Little Dragon has got sort of a twisted and charming approach to music, like that of a Fever Ray or Santigold.

(Photo By: Anngie D

℗ 2011

3. Emika “Pretend” (Brandt Brauer Frick Rework)

If you swirled together the soft vocals of Portishead‘s Beth Gibbons, added some noticeable influences from Berlin techno, and filtered it through a musical landscape dominated by post-punk and dark wave, you might get something replicable to Emika.

(Ninja Tune)

℗ 2011 Ninja Tune

2. Anika “I Go To Sleep”

If you like elegant, otherworldly music created on vintage electronics, then British psych-pop singer Anika comes highly recommended. Same goes if you’re a fan of the Velvet Underground, The Slits, and Portishead.

(Stones Throw Records)

℗ 2010 Stones Throw Records

1. Holy Other “Touch”

Manchester producer Holy Other makes romantic and haunting electronic music reminiscent to the mysterious and much-acclaimed Burial from back in the day. His moody edge contrasted against an obvious knack for gothic atmospherics makes Holy Other clearly one to watch.

Tri Angle Records

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