The Audeze LCD-2 is a game changer in the world of headphones, delivering some of the highest sound quality ever heard. The Audeze LCD-2 uses an unusual technology to create their sounds.  Whereas most headphones create sound with miniature drivers, acting as small versions of your home speakers, the LCD-2's use planar magnetic strips.  The LCD-2's drivers are also much larger than normal headphone drivers (6.17 square inches each), and as a result, they project sound over a much larger potion of your ear, which may be part of the reason why listening to them sounds so much more like a speaker than a headphone. The result of these innovations is a sound quality that has few, if any, rivals.  They capture all the nuances of the different sound ranges, have great power (the can deliver up to 15 watts, so you'll never blow them out) and can also be subtle at lower volumes. The LCD-2's look beautiful, with lambskin leather surrounds and headband, as well as a rosewood band around the speaker.  Their $995 price tag might be a bit high for most buyers, but, for what you're getting, it's actually a bargain.  Comparable quality headphones from other companies like Grado, Sennheiser, Stax, or Ultrasone can run up to $2000.  So if you're in the market for some top notch cans, definitely give these a try. Check out the full review over for the Audeze LCD-2's over at CNET The

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