Rihanna took to Twitter recently to share a handful of lyric lines — at least, we think they're lyric lines — with the hashtag #barz at the end of each tweet, and suspiciously enough, Keri Hilson and Nicki Minaj also sent out social media updates with the same term. "Pretty Girl Rock" strutter Hilson sent a single tweet, saying "I'll go from super-woman to servant in a minute if you're worth it", while "Pills N Potions"-dropping Minaj uploaded a piece of fan art to her Instagram with the dubious hashtag. Seeing as all three divas included the hashtag #barz in their updates, we can only assume this is a joint project between the three of them. But what did Rihanna tweet, exactly? They're all over her Twitter, but some prime examples include "Politics is one bold move... Politics in lovin' you", "And I hate that all I hate just don't compare, because I love you" and "Let me make it clear, ain't no place better, than where we're together...just me and my money". Do you think that Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Rihanna are planning on releasing a song together?

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