In Wisconsin there is a company named Magnepan who's flat panelled speakers look unlike anything else currently out there. Whereas most speakers have a box design that uses an audio cabinet, tweeter and cone drivers to create sound, Magnepan uses a technology they call "proprietary thin-film drivers."  What this means is that instead of the circular drivers you see on most speakers, the tall, slender panels of Magnepan speakers are covered in a thin strip of film that vibrates to create sound. Here's a full size image of the Model 3.7: [caption id="attachment_70900" align="alignnone" width="414" caption="(Credit: Magnepan)"][/caption] Magnepan's Jim Winey started developing the technology in 1969, which has been used to manufacture over  200,000 pairs of speakers. The company uses all American-made parts and prices start at $600 per pair of speakers. If six foot tall speakers aren't your thing, they offer a full range of different sizes.  Head over to Magnepan's website to see what they've got, including their flagship model, the 20.1, which is considered to be one of the finest speakers ever made. Check out the full review of Magnepan speakers on CNET.

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