Need to justify your existence with your pals this summer? Preparing a massive picnic or hoedown, but can't afford a DJ? We have an answer. This new portable digital speaker system from Altec Lansing might be the sound system for you. Our friends at CNET write that it has "lots of oomph." And with the look and feel of "an old-school, crank-it-till-your-ears-bleed boom box," I know what I'll be test driving this piece of machinery with! [mp3com-artist]Beastie Boys[/mp3com-artist] "Brass Monkey" anyone? While our friends at CNET haven't tested the new iMT810, Altec reps said it should sound the same as the previous model but customers should be aware of three key upgrades. (Read more about the new upgrades on CNET.)

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