Looking for the ultimate in-ear headphone experience? Have a money's-no-object budget to go with your desire for killer sound? Word on the street is the Altec Lansing A-Series brings the goods. [caption id="attachment_83795" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Altec Lansing's Top Of The Line Custom In-Ears: The A3's (Photo: Altec Lansing)"][/caption] Right up front let's talk scratch. The Altec Lansing A1 kit, the single driver model that's on the bottom rung of the A-Series ladder, runs $499. The top of the line A3 which, of course, sports three drivers comes in at $999. Sounds a bit on the high side but, when you compare them to other custom in-ears, they're actually a pretty sweet deal. As with any bespoke item, satisfaction will take a little time to come your way. Once you buy your kit from an AL dealer (or pick them up online), you'll need to track down a participating audiologist to do the custom fitting of your ear. This entails having a little quick-drying silicon goop squirted into your ear (which is why we suggest you go pro rather than hitting up the Home Depot for a $3.99 tube of tub caulking). Once the mold of your ear is done and dry -- which takes just a few minutes -- you ship the results off to Altec for them to customize your kit. Two weeks or so later and, voila, you're hearing more of your music and less of a) your wife's nagging, b) your kid's trombone practice, c) your bosses staff meeting or d) all of the above. Interested in further review? Check out Sal Cangeloso's POV over at Geek.com.

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