As one of 2013's biggest breakout stars, sisterly trio Haim have announced that fans don't have to wait that long for their sophomore release. Days Are Gone, which dropped last year, was highly-praised as an excellent debut from the LA-based family band, and while performing at Glastonbury Festival in the UK, member Alana Haim dropped hints at a new record to BBC 6 Music. "This is the first time we’ve ever written on the road. We’re going home in a month to start recording. I promise record two won’t come in six years - it’ll come very soon," states the band's guitarist, which is excellent news for anybody who's a fan of the three siblings' music. Their singles "Falling" and "The Wire" have made Haim a bit of a household name, gathering comparisons to everybody from Fleetwood Mac to the rock version of TLC. When do you think we'll get to hear new music from Haim?

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