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A remix is an alternate version of a song released by the original artist/band. Remixes may vary from the original song, which can be modified by instrumentation, length, lyrics, tempo, and more. For this reason, remixes may possibly alter the genre of the work.

Tor / Sufjan Stevens

Tagged: Hip-hop Remix Hip Hop Acoustic Mashup

Blackbird Blackbird

Tagged: Chillwave Electronic Noise-gaze Glo-fi Summer Heart

Daniel Baranowsky

Tagged: Video Game Music Soundtrack Electronic Chiptune Oc Remix


Tagged: Oc Remix Piano Video Game Music Overclocked Remix Remix


Tagged: Breakcore Lolicore Noise Speedcore Darkcore

Summer Heart

Tagged: Chillwave Dream Pop Electronic Indie Glo-fi


Tagged: Furry Breakcore Electronic Mischiefcore Gabber

Mos Dub

Tagged: Dub Hip-hop Mashup Reggae Rap