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Rave music consists of forms of electronic dance music that are associated especially with the late 80s-early 90s rave scene and currently part of the underground Dance music world. Most often, the term is used to describe high in energy music that features samples, loops and synthesizers. Dominant styles popularly associated with the original Rave scene included Breakbeat / Acid House, and some forms of trance music can also be included.

Funtastic Power!

Tagged: Electronic Madness This Is Sparta Happy Hardcore Electronica


Tagged: Lolicore Breakcore Speedcore :3 Kawaii


Tagged: Breakcore Lolicore Noise Speedcore Darkcore

Annoying Ringtone

Tagged: Breakcore Speedcore Dancecore Mashcore Mash-up


Tagged: Lolicore Breakcore Speedcore :3 Kawaii


Tagged: Lolicore Breakcore :3 Experimental 8-bit