The Goodbye Radio, “That’s The Point”

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Widely acclaimed by critics but largely unknown to the masses, the Goodbye Radio are a Long Island band that create some gorgeous pop melodies.

Formed by singer Mike Harrison and guitarist and keyboard player Jeff Walsh (both of who were founders of Endgames), the Goodbye Radio marks the reuniting of Harrison and Walsh with former band mates Lee Greenman (bass) and drummer Andy Fligel.

“That’s The Point” is the lead cut from their five song EP released in 2010 called The Year We Didn’t Have. Musically, they remind us what would happen if the La’s, Simon and Garfunkel and Belle and Sebastian were to join hands and create a slice of sunshine pop.

The band are currently wrapping up a new set for 2012 and trying to raise funds for their new video via Kickstarter. If everyone downloading today’s Free MP3 of the Day kicked in a buck to help ‘em out, they’d be funded by tomorrow. Just saying…

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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