Calling themeselves “purveyors of fine used music for the faithless, the disenchanted and the hopeless,” the Broadsides are a five piece band out of Auckland, New Zealand whose song, “Blackwater,” is a brilliant cinematic sketch almost too spooky to describe.

Lost in a Lousiana swamp. A visit to Madame Roux. Sitting in a dark room with a woman who looks like Stevie Nicks but talks like Joan Crawford.

Alice Cooper if he were from Lousiana. Robbie Robertson if he were haunted by the spirit of Johnny Horton. Dr. John as cinematic auteur. Tom Waits meets Billy Bob Thornton on a dusty plain, with just a bottle of beer between ’em.

Have mercy. Have mercy. Please have mercy.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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