Randy Houser, “Whistlin’ Dixie”

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Outlaw Randy Houser isn’t taking any prisoners in this country revolution. Either get on board or get out of the way, because Randy’s got another song to sing. “Whistlin’ Dixie” puts Randy’s devil-may-care attitude up front, as he thrusts his Southern sound into the spotlight.

In “Whistlin’ Dixie” Randy tells you exactly who he is and where he’s coming from. There’s no mistaking that this song is all Randy, but when you hear it, you have to admit, it could have just as easily been sung by Bocephus himself, which is a pretty hefty compliment around here. Either way, there’s no doubt this country boy will survive.

These days, Randy’s keeping himself busy with Willie Nelson on the Country Throwdown Tour, which isn’t exactly a bad way to spend the summer. There’s still a few Country Throwdown shows left, and then the road goes on forever, bringing Houser to all sorts of festivals and fairgrounds across the country.

To get you ready for one of those shows this summer, go ahead and download “Whistlin’ Dixie” for free below.

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    Man, I've been workin too hard
    Ten hour days and I'm tired
    Damn this knuckle busted',
    back breakin', no paying job
    Know where I'm goin from here
    Boots On  -  278,024 plays
    Normally this time of night you wouldn't find me here
    I'd be reaching for a good night kiss instead of one more beer
    I'd never take a second look at the blonde across the bar
    Much less invite her over and let things go this far
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    You were raised on an asphalt farm
    Ain't never heard a rooster crow
    Never walked barefoot by a river
    Felt the mud up between your toes
    You never rolled in the hay
    How Country Feels  -  201,270 plays
    Don't you worry bout gettin' fixed up
    When you wake up your pretty enough
    Look out your window at the cloud of dust
    That's my head lights, that's my truck
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