In an age where music is often saturated with auto-tuning and innuendo lyrics that attempt to disguise the lack of true substance, Pure is a breath of fresh air.  His new single “The Stars” shows him to be a natural performer, gifted with a voice that needs no extra help to sound great.

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Pure‘s music is informed by a variety of styles, R&B, hip hop, new age and club all influence his sound. “As a songwriter and producer as well as a singer,” he says about his style, “I think it’s important to continue creating music and let the fans make their own decisions as to what type of music it is rather than trying to fit my music into a category.”

“The Stars” – Pure‘s ode to a fated romance with a girl – is a lush, beautifully produced R&B track where the singer’s soaring vocals truly shine.

Artists: Pure

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