Prague Ska Conspiracy, “I Want It All”

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A blend of African and reggae rhythms with funky horns and an awesome lead singer, Prague Ska Conspiracy will raise your booty right out of your seat.

Launched in the mid-00’s as a true-to-the-genre ska band, Prague Ska Conspiracy quickly found itself crafting a more diverse sound, incorporating elements of pop, rock and funk into their music. A large part of their inspiration came from lead singer Mariana, whose record collection included not only the music of her African heritage but also records by everyone from the Hives to Michael Jackson.

“I Want It All” is the kind of song every DJ should have in the mix, whether you’re a sound-system toting pro or an iTunes dragging amateur. With some great RnB organ riffs, perfectly produced harmonies and a classic ska-style horn section, “I Want It All” is fast and fun, hopelessly hummable and ready for dancing.

Extra credit for the breakdown lyrics: “Give me beer to spill, give me pills to chill.”

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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