MC Yogi, “Hanuman”

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MC Yogi draws from his life’s journey as a high school dropout, graffiti artist who reemerged as a student of Hindu philosophy, a revered yoga teacher, an icon for the alternative lifestyle movement to offer a refreshing and inspirational sound. “Hanuman” is a single from his upcoming second album  Pilgrimage.

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True to his name, the inspiration for Pilgrimage stems from a trip MC Yogi took to India to research yoga practices. “This record is the soundtrack to my journey to India,” says MC Yogi, “circling the sacred mountain Arunachala in the heart of Tamil Nadu, and discovering the intricate root system of yoga,”

The influences on Pilgrimage are all over the musical map. World beat, hip- hop, Bollywood, reggae, dancehall, house, dub. The late DJ Solomon, who suffered a freak accident in early 2012 while Yogi was in India, appears on this record, his final project. Karsh Kale shows up on Shedding Skin, a track that serves as homage to one of Yogi’s foremost teachers, the late Larry Schulz. Death and rebirth, you might say, are prominent themes.