Next time you walk through a popular town square, note the faces of each busker performing. S/he might be the next Martin Sexton, a feel-good singer-songwriter who sold his first 20,000 albums solely from busking. Busking! Martin’s career is an inspiration for aspiring musicians worldwide, one that proves success can be reached with commitment and hard work. Grab a free mp3 from his latest album, Sugarcoating, after the jump.

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A man whose career has been criminally overlooked by both indie and mainstream press, Martin Sexton sings with an impressive vocal range, and writes songs that could just as well be part of Paul Simon‘s back catalog, and no one would know the wiser.

Catch Martin perform live at this year’s Life Is Good Festival, September 24th-25th, in Canton, Massachusetts. For more information on the festival, its charity, and full lineup, check out our Spotlight on the event here.


The Life Is Good Music Festival runs Sept. 24-25 in Canton, Massachusetts. Get tickets and see the full lineup.

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