Kelly Clarkson‘s new album Stronger is already being hailed as her best since her 2004 breakout hit album Breakaway. Versatile and confident, Clarkson has something for everyone on it. Musically, it covers a lot of territory, but still manages to come across as a cohesive work with Clarkson’s personality and amazing voice acting as the glue that holds it all together. For a taste, check out this hot remix of “Mr. Know It All” by Miami remix duo Discotech!

The remix presents a new take on the song, giving Clarkson a funky disco strut to do her thing on. The wah-wah guitars, string section and beat are straight 70’s, but then suddenly Discotech hauls you back to 2011 when it cranks up the synths and hits you in the face with that enormous chorus. It’s a nice trick, walking a fine line between the old and the new, finding a middle ground between musical styles 30 years apart.

At the center of it all, of course, is Clarkson belting it out, embracing her inner disco diva. “You don’t know me” is the message she has for her Mr. Know It All. It’s a self empowering track, encouraging people to look within themselves for answers instead of relying on what others have to say.

That kind of self confidence doesn’t always come easy, but Kelly Clarkson is right there showing you how it’s done.  You thought she was just some game show winner? Guess again Mr. Know It All.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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Artists: Kelly Clarkson

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