Joe Nichols, “Take It Off”

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Summertime is in full effect, and Joe Nichols wants you to “Take it Off!” No, not your clothes (well, not all of them)– Joe’s talkin’ about taking off your Jeep top, your bottle top, and everything else you need to take off to let loose and have a good time down by the water this summer.

Take it Off” is a good-timing, sunshine-loving party song with driving electric guitars rounded out by a sultry, country-fried fiddle and a chorus you can’t help but groove along with. You’re going to hear this one blaring out of pickups, blasting off the dock, and rocking around the swimming pool all summer long.

Joe starts the track off simple enough, telling us about all the literal things we need to take off to have a good time.

If your feelin’ that summertime heat/ Got the top up on your Jeep/ Take it off, go on now take it off/ Got your boat up on a trailer/ Back it down in a river/ Take it off, go on now, take it off

But then Joe digs a little deeper in the hook, and let’s us know what we really need to take off to have a good time: the weight of the world on our shoulders.

If the weight of the world’s on your shoulders/ Got a week of worries on your mind/ Go on do want you wanna/ Soak up a little sunshine

Truer words have never been sung. There’s nothing like the summer sunshine to wash away your worries on a weekend. Of course, Joe can’t sing about things to take off down by the water without throwing in a line like this:

Your a pretty lil’ country thing/ Bikini under them cut off jeans/ Take ’em off, come on mama, take ’em off!

Hose down the boat, fill up the cooler, and download “Take it Off!” It’s summertime.

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