“Psychedelia as communal creation, psychedelia as mystical quest, psychedelia as a roiling tangle and psychedelia as a euphoric, entranced sprawl.”

So said The New York Times about the music of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, currently on tour and supporting their August release, Marble Son.

With the “psychedelic” tag comes the notion that the band are also leaving behind their alt-country roots to divine “slightly heavier and darker territories.”┬áTo some “psychedelic” and “heavy”may go hand-in-hand but we don’t her anything that’s less than uplifting in “Come To Mary,” our Free MP3 of the Day.

The trio electric and acoustic guitars that open the piece, pealing gentling above the subtle tap and ring of drum and tambourine are positively angelic, ringing about the soundstage like echoes in a country church.

Like leaves that gracefully dance in the wind to fall gently on the roof of that same church, the band delictely invokes the offer to “come to Mary, she don’t mind.” Though indvidual voices have their say, there’s never a moment when the community of the Sweet Hereafter aren’t in this together, offering the listener tender relief.

A song of tremendous beauty and delicate spirit.

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter – “Come to Mary”

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