Emperor X is a lo-fi speed folk project headed by American musician C. R. Matheny. Alternating between precise pop melodies and psychedelic rock-outs, Emperor X is an engaging listen to say the least.

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Emperor X is at times a large ensemble of musicians, and at other times just Matheny, his acoustic guitar, shoulder-mounted battery amp and a delay pedal. Check out his creative portable performance set up in this video:

Emperor X has toured extensively, often on Greyhound buses, including several international forays into Mexico, Canada, and Australia. The performances – half Billy Bragg-inspired anarcho-electric singalongs, half Lee “Scratch” Perry lo-fi dub live sessions – brought Emperor X’s music to art galleries, bars, bookstores, university symposiums, college radio stations, garbage-strewn pedestrian tunnels, and one very confused laser tag arena in Connecticut.

Artists: Emperor X

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