Andrew Johnston, “Don’t Need to Know”

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Previously a part of the band The Gentleman’s Club, Montreal based singer-songwriter Andrew Johnston has recently struck out on his own, releasing a number of albums over the past few years. His most recent, Wake of the Wonder Years, showcases his versatility and maturity as a songwriting, channeling such influences as The Constantines, Matthew Sweet, and Hall and Oates.

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Album single “Don’t Need to Know” is a pop gem that could fit in any of the aforementioned artists’ catalogs. Gentle acoustic guitar strumming and wistful piano build with Johnston’s vocals, rising to a climactic chorus.

2011 has been a prolific year for Andrew Johnston, in addition to Wake of the Wonder Years he also released 8 song album Ashton. The album features stripped down versions of some of the songs off of Wake of the Wonder Years and Leader’s Factory, and is a tribute to the small country town where Andrew was raised. Featuring only Johnston’s acoustic guitar and voice, the album is a reminder that Johnston’s often wide ranging, ambitious productions are grounded in the simplicity of easily hummed folk and pop tunes.