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Free MP3: S. Carey, ‘In The Dirt’

Oct 7, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

For Sean Carey, it helps that post-rock acts like Bon Iver have become popular (it also helps that he’s a member of said band). Like the music he creates with Justin Vernon, Carey’s solo effort has a similar haunting-yet-comforting quality. And just when you think the song is fading away, it returns with a powerful crescendo.

Free MP3 download of S. Carey, ‘In The Dirt’

Free MP3: Midnight Juggernauts, 'Vital Signs'

Oct 6, 2010 7:00 AM by Staff

Somewhere out there, a member of the Aussie-based Presets is sulking, wondering why another of their countrymen had to come along and steal away all the shine. Midnight Juggernauts are straight out of Melbourne, and their dreamy electronic meets indie flavor recalls something like a mashing of Cut Copy, Air and Phoenix.

Free MP3 download by the Midnight Juggernauts

Free MP3: James Figurine, ‘All The Way To China’

Oct 5, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

FROM THE MP3 ARCHIVES: Inspired by his driver’s in-car soundtrack while on tour with Lali Puna, James Figurine snapped to attention when he heard her techno tapes. Better known for his work with The Postal Service and Dntel, he enlists the vocal help of Erlend Oye (Kings of Convenience) on Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake to create his understated sound.

Free MP3 download of James Figurine, ‘All The Way To China’

Free MP3: Mackintosh Braun, ‘Could It Be’

Oct 4, 2010 7:00 AM by Staff

For fans of new millennium electronica (such as Air and Zero 7), take a listen to the Oregon-based duo Mackintosh Braun. Their subtle use of vocoder on the vocals on “Could It Be” is a tasteful change from the latest outbreak of T-Pain wannabes.

Free MP3 download by Mackintosh Braun

Free MP3: OK Go, ‘White Knuckles’

Oct 1, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

It’s odd seeing OK Go anywhere else but on YouTube (the site that made them famous), but this way you can hear their music without their visual antics. The Prince-like single “White Knuckles” comes from their new album Of The Colour Of The Sky. Cue it up to your workout mix and create your own treadmill video.

Free MP3 download of OK Go, ‘White Knuckles’

Free MP3: Trackademicks, ‘Fool On The Hill (Ft. Phonte)’

Sep 30, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

Honor Roll member/producer Trackademicks hooks up with Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange fame as they split mic duties on “Fool on the Hill,” the first single from his debut album, State of the Arts.

Free MP3 download of Trackademicks, ‘Fool On The Hill’

Free MP3: Midlake, ‘Paper Gown’

Sep 29, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

FROM THE MP3 ARCHIVES: Midlake is not afraid to be both beautiful and ineffable. Archaeologists of the sonic variety, this remarkable outfit has returned from a dig in the ’70s and recorded their findings. Gentle and dramatic piano moves gracefully throughout their music providing a dreamy foundation for striking melodies and lyrics.

Free MP3: UNKLE, 'The Runaway (Ft. Lupe Fiasco)'

Sep 27, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

Ever since Q-Tip and The Chemical Brothers popularized electronica-meets-rap with “Galvanize,” the flood gates opened with similar hybrids to follow. UNKLE brings back this concept (if it ever left) with “The Runaway” featuring Lupe Fiasco. The duo, James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy, will hit major cities this fall for their first tour in several years.

Free MP3 download of UNKLE ‘The Runaway’

Free MP3: Bobby Bare Jr. 'Sad Smile'

Sep 24, 2010 5:40 PM by Staff

If you sang on a Grammy nominated duet that reached number two in the country charts and was written by Shel Silverstein when you were only 6 years-old, the next 20 to 30 years of your life could be pretty anticlimactic. In fact, simply avoiding a life of disaster is an accomplishment in itself. (To my knowledge, Bobby Bare Jr. has never knocked over a 7-11, shaved his head and fought a car with an umbrella, or twitpic’d a topless cell phone picture of himself).

Download your free Bobby Bare mp3

Free MP3: Lia Ices, 'Grown Unknown'

Sep 20, 2010 9:00 AM by Staff

As Brooklyn natives sometimes do, Lia Ices‘ straddles that fine line between hipster and hippie. “Grown Unknown” has organic instrumentation, yet rises above being just “folk” and leads us to that mysterious place that similar artists My Brightest Diamond and School of Seven Bells bring us to.

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