I'll try to keep it brief... * Was born in 1986. * In 1996 I started listening to rap, mostly what was shown on TV at that time (Nas, Fugees, Da Luniz). Even though I didn't understand too much of it at that age, I felt an attraction for those beats and the way the MCs were delivering rhymes. * 2004 - After a few months activating as a NetCee on several Romanian hip-hop message boards, I decided to take it further. So my first appearance on the hip-hop scene was as a battle MC, in the first edition of the Off Da Dome battle tournament organized by Hades Records. I'm proud to have been the first female battle MC in an official contest in Romania. In the final round, we were only 2 girls (K-rina and me) against MCs that were to become famous for their battle skills later on. Also, this was the year when I joined Tempesta Crew, being one of the founding members, where I activated for about 6 months as a graffiti writer, but left the crew in the early 2005. * 2006 - 2 years after my debut, I released my first track ->> 'Cuvant' [Word], featuring old friends S.K.Dron of 10 Tone crew. * 2007 marks the release of my second single, 'Glas Mut' [Silent Voice], a love song where I teamed up with Antitrust MC Khayyam210501. In March I became a member of Antitrust and in June Soul Brovaz was born. Initially just a project for a hip-hop bands contest (Ultimatum pentru Arta), the 3 members, Phossilah, Kafu and me, decided to go on with it and the result is the first track in this formula, 'Ramai adevarat' [Stay True], which is featured on the compilation Ultimatum pentru Arta 2. * In the meantime, I am working on my first solo album, which is 90% ready and also will appear soon on many collabos with various MCs, on their albums. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


Derek Hoke plays unapologetically classic country from the pre-digital, hell, pre-cassette era. Think of it as a sort of pensive hillbilly. Derek and his songs aren’t going to lurch forward at you and shout in your face. He’s more the type of guy to lean back and play at his own pace and draw you in on his own terms.