com.pare is the alter ego of benjamin bascom. benniy also plays in fnessnej, the unteleported asteroid, ufo vs. riesenwelle, Elefantenherz, 99.000 teile, simonade and the hulks. nevertheless, benniy still has the time to make music on his own. The center of com.pare's music consits of breakable and fragile, yet lively little songs and smithereens of such, which again are broken open by unforseeable twist and turnarounds. Within this "concept", musical gadgetry, composition, experiment and song stay in balance. com.pare is a collector and a gatherer. He collects anything which can be used to create sounds (this needn't always be of a musical origin). His room could easily be confused with a second-hand store for music supplies. Accoustic instruments, electronic sound devices, aswell as a variety of children's toys are to be found there. in his solo works, he finds unlimited clearance to take use of this collection. His songs are often orchestratet in a wondrously manner and invite the tended listener to take a journey through the most different musical varieties, which com.pare coherently interwoves and makes to one. (taken from Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.