Zerosospiro were founded by Paolo D'Errico and Alessandra Ferrari, both with a passion for orchestral pop. Songs that remind of movie soundtracks from the past, melodies to fit Alessandra’s soul voice among layers of strings and vintage instruments, giving Italian music a new shape and a new unique colour.The cross with electronic sounds makes Zerosospiro sound close to seminal international acts like Zero 7 and Thievery Corporation. Since their early days the duo gains the support of DJ’s and record labels. Several of their songs, although sung in Italian, have been licensed to important compilations in Japan, US, UK and Europe. Their debut album ‘Mentre Il Sole Scende’ comes out on IRMA Records and includes their best compositions to date: ‘Artificiale’, ‘Quasi Trasparente’, ‘Automaticamente’, the unreleased ‘L’Amore Che Verrà’ and a Bossa cover of ‘Conversazione’, made famous by Italian legendary songstress Mina in the 60’s. With the new arrangement of "Conversazione" (Mina sung this song in '67) Zerosospiro enter in many compilations:

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