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    Someone clean to chew on a wife that no one likes
    He called and they said all of new york
    Is a tow-away zone
    He paid sixty dollars on 12th street today
    And now all my money's gone
    Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not  -  11 plays
    a hundred lives are shoved inside guests
    arrive to dump their mess obedient
    host and visiting wife come outa
    the bedroom straightening clothes
    in this house that i call home
    In This House That I Call Home  -  10 plays
    I play too hard when I ought to go to sleep
    Well they pick on me 'cause I really got the beat
    Some people give me the creeps
    Every other week I need a new address
    Landlord, landlord, landlord cleaning up the mess
    We're Desperate  -  10 plays
    she had to leave
    los angeles
    all her toys wore out in black
    and her boys had too
    she started to hate every nigger and jew
    Los Angeles  -  9 plays
    True love, true love, true love
    True love is the devil's crowbar
    Pulled out, pulled apart, torn apart
    By finding out that loneliness
    Then you find someone who has to stay away
    True Love  -  9 plays
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