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    Someone clean to chew on a wife that no one likes
    He called and they said all of New York
    Is a tow-away zone
    He paid sixty dollars on 12th street today
    And now all my money's gone
    Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not  -  11 plays
    A hundred lives are shoved inside guests arrive to dump their mess obedient host and visiting wife come outa the bedroom straightening clothes in this house that I call home nobody knows the party rules gotta get in but there's no room in this house that I call home beautiful walls are closing in looking at you you're having a nightmare stumble over tombstone shoes but it's too soon I finally look in your sweet eyes and somebody comes with a bottle of beer after he leaves I turn for a kiss and see the lady next door she's naked in the street
    In This House That I Call Home  -  10 plays
    i play too hard when i ought to go to sleep they pick on me because i really got the beat some people give me the creeps every other week i need a new address landlord landlord landlord cleaning up the mess our whole fucking life is a wreck we're deperate get used to it its kiss or kill coca-cola and a motorola kitchen nauga-hyde and a tie-dye t-shirt last night everything broke
    We're Desperate  -  10 plays
    She had to leave...
    Los Angeles
    All her toys wore out in black and her boys had too
    She started to hate every nigger and Jew
    Every Mexican that gave her lotta shit
    Los Angeles  -  9 plays
    True love true love true love true love is the devils crowbar pulled out pulled apart torn apart by finding out that loneliness then you find someone who has to stay away and it pulls apart your wishbone but you get to wish lonliness is never the same again it becomes true love true the devils crowbar he uses it to pry you out of your car and into the arms of...the devil drives a buick & he sits inside and eats lunch and sticks his pitchfork through the trunk and into her hair and he pulls out true love true the devils crowbar
    True Love  -  9 plays
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