Wynn Stewart

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Wynn Stewart (born Winford Lindsey Stewart June 7, 1934; died July 17, 1985) was an American country music performer. He was one of the progenitors of the Bakersfield sound. Although not a huge chart success, he was an inspiration to such greats as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.


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    It's such a pretty world today look at the sunshine
    And every day's the same since I met you
    It's such a pretty world today knowing that you're mine
    And happinsess is being close to you
    And though the rain may fall my skies will all be blue
    It's Such a Pretty World Today  -  7,862 plays
    Writer Wynn Stewart)
    Another day another dollar daylight comes I'm on my way
    Another day another dollar workin' my whole life away
    The boss told me I'd get paid weakly and that's exactly how I'm paid
    Another Day, Another Dollar  -  7,005 plays
  3. Wishful Thinking  -  6,058 plays
    Can't you tell my love's a growin' can't you feel it ain't showin'
    Though you must be a knowin' I've got a big big love
    It's not the kind to be concealin' just the kind to be revealin'
    It's not a little bitty feelin' I've got a big big love
    I think it's time we done some walkin' I think it's time we done some talkin'
    Big, Big Love  -  3,245 plays
    A flower needs the earth to make it grow
    A river needs the rains to make it flow
    A clinging vine needs something to cling to
    But I have all I need cause I have you
    Before we met my life was one sad song
    'Cause I Have You  -  2,662 plays
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