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Witchfynde is a band that was one of the forerunners of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Witchfynde was formed in Nottinghamshire, England in late 1979 by vocalist Steve Bridges, lead guitarist Montalo, bassist Andro Coulton, and drummer Gra Scoresby. The band released their first single, "Give 'Em Hell" in 1979 and released its first full-length album, also entitled Give 'Em Hell, on Rondolet Records in 1980. A major attribute to success may have originated with the frequent air play on the Friday Night Rock Show, hosted by Tommy Vance on BBC Radio 1. The band gained some exposure by touring the United Kingdom with Def Leppard in the summer of 1980. The band's sound incorporated a mix of influences, such as progressive and hard rock, with various aspects of the heavy metal sound as well as exaggerated use of satanic imagery.


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    If the powers that be tell you
    There never were three wise men
    Then you'd better believe it's true
    They won't ask you to come again.
    In the cage the ringmaster cracks
    Give 'Em Hell  -  21,814 plays
    Don't pretend that you aint feelin restless
    In your mind you're askin' who is the best
    What you got we only want to borrow
    So let go because we'll be gone tomorrow.
    But be there tonight
    Ready to Roll  -  18,363 plays
    Let me take you there
    It's part of a dream
    It's what you want it to be
    Of a time that now is clear to me
    I was playing in the mind of a man
    Leaving Nadir  -  15,936 plays
  4. The Divine Victim  -  13,502 plays
  5. Gettin' Heavy  -  10,529 plays
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