White Arrows

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White Arrows may never divulge the source of their strange magic, but it's hard not to picture a mystic dance floor hidden in the midst of a tropical rainforest. The Los Angeles, California, band stands at these balmy crossroads like a vision from an alternate reality: classic without leaning on nostalgia, visionary but not unfamiliar. What should be a collision of sounds and styles—ritualistic rhythm and four-four thump, synth sequences and strummed guitars, garage-y grind and airy atmosphere—is, in this quintet's capable hands, a fluidly seething whole. Call it Psychotropical pop, something both busy and breezy Call it Paul Simon in space (others have). Call it what you will. This is White Arrows.


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    Don’t forget to tell yourself:
    Look inside of you and no one else,
    No one even cares about your health.
    Just ask my mom; she’s doing well.
    Come inside and have a drink.
    Get Gone  -  74,113 plays
    I met you in a real dark place,
    But i don’t know if you’re coming or going.
    I took it outside and we went to your place,
    But i still don’t know if you’re coming or going.
    It was a gogo girl and i cannot wait
    Coming or Going  -  44,702 plays
    I'm out my mind
    Oh Lord, one more time
    I'm beat, alone.
    I'm sittin' on my throne.
    What'd I do? It's on me.
    Can't Stop Now  -  24,647 plays
    Sand beneath your tongue
    Hold your body warm.
    Grip your pillow tight,
    keeps you warm at night.
    Papa don't say my woes,
    Fireworks Of The Sea  -  25,016 plays
  5. City Boy (KKS Remix)  -  19,173 plays
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