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Watain is a Swedish Black Metal band, formed in Uppsala, Sweden in 1998. To date they have released six full-length albums, as well as three live albums and a number of demos and EPs. Their most recent album Trident Wolf Eclipse was released on January 5, 2018 through Century Media. The band have become infamous for their Satanist views, their live shows which involve pyrotechnics, animal carcasses, as well as a show in Boston in which they doused audience members in animal blood. The band's name is taken from a recording written by the American black metal group Von.


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    By the blessing of shunned Gods
    The cord of life was deformed, twisted into a noose
    To strangle the miscarriage of the I
    Upon which he shall feast that was spawned
    By the semen of horror's fertile
    Malfeitor  -  236,983 plays
    I ascend.
    As thy light descends -
    darkening the I to reveal the Self.
    The rays of Gnosis are burning yet liberating.
    In a blissfull imposition of the primal paradox.
    Legions of the Black Light  -  206,593 plays
    Ancient nightsky,
    you cannot hide your fears from me,
    when even the bodies roaming thee
    spells out your giant fall.
    Man and beast,
    Storm of the Antichrist  -  184,094 plays
    Block not my path!
    You futile walls of flesh and blood.
    For I have seen your structure clear
    and I know where to stab.
    Right in the heart.
    Sworn to the Dark  -  174,433 plays
    There is a place beyond the dreamworlds,
    Past the womb of night,
    Lying in wait beyond the barriers of light,
    Shunned by the living, cursed by the dead
    Here's no peace, here's no peace
    Reaping Death  -  208,648 plays
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