Waking Ashland

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Waking Ashland was formed in November 2003 by singer/keyboardist Jonathan Jones, guitarist Ryan Lallier and drummer Thomas Lee, all of which were at that time music majors at California State University, Northridge. Robert Teegarden — a friend of the band — temporarily helped out to fill the vacant position on the bass guitar. Their band name stems from the aspect of connecting people through music, paired with a reference to the town of Ashland, Oregon.[1] Influenced by as diverse acts as Joe Jackson, Coldplay, The Pixies and Hüsker Dü, Waking Ashland combines emotional piano melodies with sonic distortion guitars, creating a unique sound among their genre.


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  1. I Am For You  -  185,376 plays
    All Hands on deck
    Dont abandon the ship
    You'll never know what it could have been
    All hands on deck
    My ship is sinking
    Hands On Deck  -  139,159 plays
    Autumn brings a song I sing so desperately
    These shattered dreams from broken wings of love
    October skies and city lights were all a blur
    And high tide came washin' them away
    I said
    October Skies  -  120,343 plays
    I'd cross the desert to be with you.
    I miss you,
    I miss you.
    I heard the rumors they all were true.
    I need you,
    Rumors  -  123,412 plays
    You danced with me in the moonlight and I found my theme
    Like roses bloom, you inspired me
    And the break of day fell upon me and the light outshine
    And you broke the spell that had kept me from loving you
    I came to you for answers
    Let Go  -  97,318 plays
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