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    They've got themselves a new spin
    On the story, twisted for one-sided glory. Devastation soon
    Becoming fuel for the masses new fury. A greedy hand in
    The guise of a good man. So threatening. So deafening.
    So silencing, that familiar stance. The burden now passed
    The New Fury  -  307,948 plays
    Standing against the odds to take back what they took.
    Some fight with stones, some fight with guns.
    But instead I choose to fight with my pen and my notebook.
    Nothing for the ninth ward, just more of the same.
    Wealthy wolves smell the blood of opportunity.
    Old Guards, New Methods  -  244,508 plays
    Tired and beaten.
    Voice withering away to nothing.
    I'm walking in the footsteps made by those who have been defeated.
    I've watched men and women made of steel get burned up
    As easily as dry leaves and left depleted
    Scream  -  196,499 plays
    Blurry visions of your past, unknown mask up ahead.
    Will the path we choose to take lead us to bliss, or to our certain death?
    So weighed down, we've got the weight of the world on our shoulders.
    Will we sit still in a state of Paralysis waiting for love to hold us?
    Knee Deep in a society where we learn to do just what we're told.
    Suffering To Live, Scared To Love  -  205,281 plays
    Thirsting for the absolute left you drunk on a quest for the truth.
    A newfound sense of salvation, empty in the eyes, mind on vacation.
    They got their ravenous claws in your skin, they know the power of
    Infecting the youth.
    Such a fine young boy. Join them where the water is black and you
    Blind Salvation  -  180,289 plays
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