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Until June is quietly conquering the music world… The indie-cool-meets-pop sounds created by trio Josh Ballard, Dan Ballard and Daniel Dempsey offer a fresh take on the term “piano rock”. With a #1 single in Greece and extensive touring in the U.S., Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean under their belts, UJ is steadily amassing a loyal alliance of believers worldwide who are eager to share their discovery. Melodic falsettos belted out over lush rock instrumentation provide the perfect paradox of sound that almost feels like a guilty pleasure.


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    Oh, when you were young, did you ever love someone
    So much, you couldn't bear the thought of losing them?
    Well, I remember the sleepless nights when I would lie awake
    If only I could tell you how I feel
    Sleepless nights
    Sleepless  -  217,598 plays
    Mouths are moving, people talking slowly in my ears
    Another year goes
    You stood up gently, turned around to face me, staring back
    I'll see you sometime soon, if only I could see the way you do
    The midnight air, it blows between my fingertips
    You Do  -  52,425 plays
    Underneath the sky we sleep
    The sunlight in my eyes keeps me from seeing clearly
    Deep beneath the stars I'm lost
    The darkness in my heart keeps me from letting go
    Of everything I fear the most
    What I've Done  -  55,476 plays
    And it's the saddest song you'll sing
    When I'm alone with you, your tears come down
    You search your life for something new
    And what you found was true but now you're gone
    Oh, you're alone and I'm waiting here for you
    The Saddest Song  -  46,457 plays
  5. In My Head  -  36,404 plays
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