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The project was formed in 1997 by Rustam (Noctulius), the Rakoth's vocalist and keyboard player as a more brutal and occult-oriented alternative to Rakoth. The first demo-tape, "... et germinet Chaos", was recorded in 1998 by Noctulius alone and featured five tracks. The tape was distributed by Elven Witchcraft Distribution and was accepted ok by extreme metal audience. In 2000 Noctulius invites Lidagon (Alex "Lex" Plotnikoff, Glazemaker guitarist) as a session guitarist and they record the first full-length album, "Caelethi I". Album was locked in the desk for quite awhile, until in 2006 Noctulius decides to re-record it with proper sound and performance quality. After that the deal with Sound Age Productions (Moscow) was signed and the album was released. Currently the new album (so far titled "Caelethi II" - surprise!) is under development.


Top Songs

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    The whispering wind
    Deep in the woods
    Covered with pearly carpet
    The diamond high above
    The darkened trees
    Noctulius  -  752 plays
    "Agios o Satanas"
    "To you, Prince of Darkness and Lord of the Earth
    I dedicate this Temple:
    Let it become, like my body,
    a vessel for your power
    Self-Initiation  -  544 plays
  3. Azanigin  -  494 plays
    "The depths of the sea, a tunnel of knives
    There's a union here while he directs
    The chosen rage in the eye of the goat
    The golden triangle stands against the sky of fire"
    "Come as a reaper for thus you will sow"
    Atazoth  -  520 plays
    A marriage beneath the earth
    In Elixir She washes Her hands
    A Black Eagle, a Palace of Light
    She becomes a snake
    Lidagon  -  468 plays
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