UTFO (which stands for Untouchable Force Organization) was a rap group from the 80's founded by R&B band, 'Full Force'. They consisted of 'Kangol Kid,' 'Educated Rapper' (also known as ("E.M.D."), 'Doctor Ice' and 'Mix Master Ice.' Their best known single is "Roxanne, Roxanne", a widely-acclaimed and acknowledged hip hop classic, which created a sensation on the hip-hop scene soon after it was released and inspired numerous "answer" records, most notably by Marley Marl's protege Roxanne Shanté. Ironically, "Roxanne, Roxanne" was the B-Side filler for the lesser known single "Hangin' Out." Due to personal issues the 'Educated Rapper' ("E.M.D.") was absent for their sophomore effort, "Skeezer Pleezer," which produced one notable track in "Split Personality."

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