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    In my dreams, sinking into cold depths
    Dragged downwards the bottomless by the oppressive weight of water
    Through this languid hour of ever yawning abyss
    I journey the expanse of R'lyeh
    The listless chant, crippling my thoughts
    Coalescent Of The Inhumane Awareness  -  22,408 plays
    Obscured by falling moon ghoul-haunted black catacombs prowl in ashen deserts
    As the sands stir uneasy with the cold of abysmal winds
    Howling from nether-gulfs and from the onyx monuments of subterranean unholy caverns
    Nighted winds of prehuman times still burdened with eerie voices of antediluvian aeons
    Horrid ululations, echoes of precambrian dawn
    Sonorous Howl From Beyond The Stars  -  19,162 plays
    Like a bliss of malaise this tainted air compels me
    The unwrit hours pass again unheeded
    Stillness, like a cold vengeance, no life shifts...
    Grey ghost painted to the halls of ennui
    Falling dust weaves bleary torpid scenes through a bleak day
    In The Arcane Clasp Of Unwritten Hours  -  14,675 plays
  4. Entreaties To The Primaeval Chaos  -  12,937 plays
    Bleak solar glow blind eye of the sun
    Abandoned in the sky seeking to pass the withering earth
    Lost in its are as the horizons bend in inverse motion
    And the dying earth groans stretching in war-torn shape
    Strange images trailed in the dust
    Upon The War-Torn Shape Of Cold Earth  -  11,940 plays
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