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Tyketto were an American heavy rock band of the 1990s who never achieved the success they felt they deserved. The group was put together in 1987 by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn. Brooke St James (Guitar), Jimi Kennedy (Bass) and Micheal Clayton (Drums) completed the lineup.


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  1. Forever Young  -  47,683 plays
    Staring out the window like I'm waiting for a change
    If I stare long enough i'd see it when it came
    Use the book of numbers by the silent telephone
    Called up everyone I found but didnt talk to no one
    And the rain comes down as if its trying to wash me away
    Standing Alone  -  26,480 plays
    Falling so hard for you woman, would you say that love's a crime
    Jury can call me inguilty, but I want what's mine
    And now I'm crying out in anger, the night has taken you away
    Filin' the sins of another can lock you away
    And you can knock on any door, from now until eternity
    Wings  -  26,341 plays
    Play the game of indecision
    Come what may she knows it isn't just his voice on the line
    One final time she hears thunder
    Precious lies when she played her part
    Still she tries, because hope dies hard with broken wings
    Burning Down Inside  -  18,655 plays
    So long ago she took my hand
    I heard the sound of the sea sinkin' in the sand
    But we changed like the seasons I never understand
    Seasons they fly, stealin', they never will say why
    they've come and gone
    Seasons  -  14,956 plays
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